Portrait of Harry Corin Public Speaker and Mental Health advocate

My Story

At the age of 12 I lost my father to suicide. As a child, I felt a heavy burden on my shoulders – in my head I could never escape the association with suicide. I felt as if it controlled me. Much of this was caused by a blame culture that surrounded my father’s passing, a lack of understanding around suicide, and the way national newspaper articles reported the story.

As a result, I decided to hide my true life from everyone that I met. I created a fake version of myself, which meant that I never had to tell anyone the truth. This destructive cycle and facade continued for over a decade. Now, 13 years on, I openly reflect on my story in hope that nobody ever must suffer in silence.

I’m proud to be listed as a Role Model on the InsideOut Leaderboard for Mental Health.

Portrait of Harry Corin Public Speaker and Mental Health advocate

Public Speaking

I speak publicly about a range of topics through a narrative of optimism and kindness. I hope that by hearing my story, perspective, and reflections, that the audience will be inspired to take action. I believe in the power of storytelling; it is what guided me to a new way of thinking and living.

I’m proud to have worked with: Glamour Magazine, Deloitte, Reebok, Cardiff University, This Can Happen, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith and Marks & Spencer. Topics include: suicide, male mental health, modern masculinity, self-care, and mental health and kindness.

I’m open to sharing my story solo, as part of a panel or acting as a facilitator for a panel. I’m also a proud member of the Speakers Collective.

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There are certain individuals who, when you get to work with them, are a breath of fresh air. Harry is one of these. A natural storyteller, Harry inspires confidence in those around him, is organised, thoughtful and thorough, and his relaxed interviewing style encourages some of the most honest and helpful conversations I have heard on a panel talk for many years.

It has been a true pleasure working with Harry over the last few months and I look forward to playing a part in the critical work he is doing around mental health and kindness in the future."

Lucy Denver, Head of Brand Communications, REEBOK

Mental Health First Aid Training

As a Mental Health First Aid England Instructor Member, I offer fully accredited online Mental Health First Aid Training for Adults.

All courses are delivered virtually via a brand-new online learning hub. Follow this link to see available course dates or please contact me if you would like to arrange a group booking.

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I first met Harry in 2018 following our #project84 campaign with ITV. Straight away Harry's personable nature coupled with his clear and obvious determination to make things happen were apparent to all of us who attended the first meeting with Kind Snacks, organised, forced and led by Harry. It was clear that we were going to work together and that Harry would be the driving force that would ensure a truly successful partnership that would go on to make tangible difference to countless people's lives. Since then Harry has become an ever-present and ever-welcome part of the extended CALM family and we're truly grateful for everything he's done."

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM

We are so proud to have Harry as a member of the Speakers Collective. Harry inspires us all as he shares his extraordinary journey in mental health and well-being with clarity, compassion and humility. Inspiring audiences, Harry truly understands how good mental health can have an impact on business and performance."

Jo Emmerson, Director of Speakers Collective

It’s been such a pleasure getting to know and collaborate with Harry over the last few years. His passion, warmth and tenacity makes him a joy to work with. Harry is a real inspiration to me."

Jonny Benjamin MBE, Founder of Beyond


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